At the moment we are going through some really quite strange and surreal times. Now, as is everyone else, I am working from and am trying to come up with ideas on how to keep my creative practice going and staying motivated for work and for keeping my mind healthy. It is difficult for sure. […]

Over the last couple of days it has really come to my attention how much plants effect each other. It’s been really difficult programming the plants because some of them are so unpredictable and erratic. The data voltage coming in is fluctuating so much that it is actually really difficult to work with. I am […]

Translanguaging is a process that is used by bilingual/multilingual where they use language as a communication system to integrate other languages. Code-switching is used is also known a language alteration where a speaker will switch between 2 more languages within context to a single conversation. In terms of the (Un)Heard installation I am working on, […]

385Million year old fossilised forest found in Cairo, New York. The root system has been fossilised in the fossil soil – that is also known as paleosol. I think this is really fascinating to see how plants root systems have developed and how they have left their imprint in the environment. Natural environmental art. I […]

It seems to be a common problem for max to crash in Ableton. All you need to do is reset Max. These are the steps to take if you need to do this: Go to finder click ‘GO’ on tool bar hold down ‘alt’ and select Library go to ‘Application Support’ Move ‘Cycling 74’ to […]

This weekends mission was to try and ‘hack’ an E4L MAX patch. My aim was the make the sound more reverberant and large in the space the longer you hold on to the plant. First of all I needed to figure out how to make the counter object reset then I can use this to […]

Room plant drone/hum gets a bit irritating/boring Either rethink this idea or rework it somehow – edit sound in some way. Rerecord all vocal stuff to be more clear think about plant placement in room – If a plant is at the centre which direction is it coming from – sketch it out – refer […]

  NEW SPEAKERS! I have decided that for me to really take myself seriously as an audio visual artist working in spatial sound that I really need to invest in my own equipment to allow me to carry on what I am doing after university. This really means the resources that I will have access […]

This is a Gantt chart I made for this project. It keeps changing a little bit but there are some small targets that I have made for my self. I have found that personal targets and aims are good for me to make sure that there is time for thinking (as I think alot) and […]

As an Ecological Sound Artist, the relationship that we have with our environment and living objects within it are the main elements that influence my practice. Within the natural world, living organisms have their own neural network systems – it is how we can tap into these unknown neural networks to understand them through the […]