I have been looking into how solar panels work so that I can understand how energy is transformed into electrical current. If my installation is going to go down this route of renewable energy, I think it is important to fully understand the process. I found this simplified explanation of how solar works: A standard solar […]

Over the next month I will be approaching and putting together a monthly programme of events that I hope will engage with the creative community – arts and music. I think that once I have established all my networks with particular spaces and venues then from September/October I hope to engage students with the project […]

Although the installation is now ‘over’, it is important for me that the energy still keeps going with this project. There are opportunities out there that I now need to start applying to with this piece of work – or at least keep working with the concept and seeing how else the project can unfold. […]

(Un)Heard Install Timelapse from Teddy Hunter on Vimeo.

(Un)Heard from Teddy Hunter on Vimeo.

At the weekend I went to Sweden for a Biosphere conference. I ended up visiting this art space named the Kulturhuset which is based in central Jönköping. The space is volunteer led and has an amazing array of equipment from wood workshops to pottery rooms to music rehearsal spaces and gig spaces with the ability […]

Wednesday 15th of May // (Un)Heard at SHIFT   I can’t really believe how I managed to do this and I still can really believe that there were over 100 people at the show. I have also been receiving messages over the weekend from people apologising that they didn’t make it too. ❤ There are […]

My work revolves around environmental issues and responses to our surroundings. I’m interested in spatial sound and have been working with ambisonic to design immersive environments to engage audiences with aspect of nature that maybe under-researched or are unexplained. Plant communication is a part of our natural environment that isn’t fully understood yet. The installation […]