The Tree Listening Project by Alex Metcalf enables you to listen to the processes of trees through highly sensitive microphones. Placing the microphone on the tree you can hear the ‘rumble’ of tree movement and the ‘popping’ of water moving through the tree. I find this really fascinating because of the slow growing process a […]

I am currently providing tech support to a couple of artists that are wanting to use Resolume and Ableton together. The best way I think to link them or the installation would be to setup a virtual MIDI network. This is because a separate machine will be working with Ableton and the sound system and […]

0 Likes. The basis of this task was to post an instagram image onto your personal account with the intention of no-one liking it. It was interesting to see everyones different perspectives on how they value an image and what they think is an image that could be de-valued when posted onto their social media. […] Artist presentations file:///Users/user/Downloads/Sam’s%20walk.html

Christo and Jean-Claude are an artist duo who work focused on monumental environmental art. The monumental piece that they would building into the landscape would take years of planning and discussions with many projects  being turned down. Those that succeeded and granted permission created political statements and built communities around the pieces that may or […]

At the moment we are going through some really quite strange and surreal times. Now, as is everyone else, I am working from and am trying to come up with ideas on how to keep my creative practice going and staying motivated for work and for keeping my mind healthy. It is difficult for sure. […]

Over the last couple of days it has really come to my attention how much plants effect each other. It’s been really difficult programming the plants because some of them are so unpredictable and erratic. The data voltage coming in is fluctuating so much that it is actually really difficult to work with. I am […]

Translanguaging is a process that is used by bilingual/multilingual where they use language as a communication system to integrate other languages. Code-switching is used is also known a language alteration where a speaker will switch between 2 more languages within context to a single conversation. In terms of the (Un)Heard installation I am working on, […]