Instrument Building session 2

In the second instrument building workshop I managed to get the majority or the work done on my Kalimba.

I started the session but finising off sanding down the pieces to the right size, then fitted and glued the body of the kalimba together.

I used weights to hold the pieces of wood in place and to apply pressure onto them so that they hold solidly together when dry. While that was drying I made a sound hole on the top of the instrument where the tines will be. I also inserted screws that go from underneath the wood and through the dowel wood – this will be how I tune the tines.

All was left for me to do, was to glue on some dowel rod to the top and to glue the top the rest of body.

In the next session I will sand down the edges to make it look a bit more presentable, then I will make 7 tines that will go under the moveable piece of dowel rod.

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