Analysing Images

This is a task for my MVM module. To find 4 images that reference the elements of composition within an image – Rule of Thirds, Rule of Odd and Even and the Rule of Triangles.

foxThis photograph of a fox uses the rule of thirds. With the sides of the body almost outlining the grid. Its eyes and nose in the center box.


This photograph of a boat uses the rule of triangles. As well as the sails outlining clear triangles. there is also a triangle from the sun to the top of the mast and then along the side of the right sail. The sea line being the bottom of this triangle.


This photograph of twins is an example of the odd and even rule. The image, of identical twins, feels really ‘unnatural’ and creepy, also well as almost being uncomfortable to look at it.

My last example is a photograph that uses two of the rules, odd and even, and also the rule of triangles. The landscape divides up into triangles against the single tree. Although an odd number tends to make an image look ‘natural’, in this case it does not.

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