Instrument Building

As I had 2 weeks left in the instrument building workshops I decided to make a larger Kalimba. My small one was quite successful so with this in mind I used the same metal that the smaller one had for the tines. And just used two large boxes (that used to be drawers) and glued them together for the main body of the instrument.  I cut out three sound holes on the top of the instrument.

Kalimba being built

The weights are being used to keep the wood in place at the glue dries and put pressure on the wood so that it dries solidly together.

finished large kalimba

This is the finished instrument! only taking me a coupe of hours! It makes a very bass like sound. The tines are a bit too flexible, so they vibrate a bit to much when pressed. But when hit with a straw, the sound reverberates around the box quite nicely and you get some really nice tones. I think it turned out quite well, just needs less inflexible tines.

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