MVM – Brief 4

Brief 4 is a final piece that can be anything to do with moving images – a music video or maybe even an installation. With a maximum of 3 minutes

I will need to record my final piece in a few different ways. A storyboard, maybe a script and then the treatment process. It can be shot using any kind of camera  – my phone or just a normal video camera. Montages of different clips or it could be a one take thing. Then I will have to do a 10 minute presentation, which will show my work in context to other stuff – research and all my storyboard and treatment stuff.

An example of a video that has a really simple idea behind it but works really well is Mohammed ‘Sakrifis’

It looks at things in an abstract way, taking different sections of the horses movement and focusing on that. The lighting effect on the horse and the music create two different relationships.

Michel Gondry is a director that has made many music videos for musicians such as Bjork, Beck and the Foo Fighters.

I really love Gondry’s style, its crazy and imaginative and works really well. But I think that I wont do anything as major as his videos as there really isn’t enough time. I like the look of still long shots of something moving i.e the sea but I don’t really have any ideas yet.

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