How Will the Relationship Between Sound and Image Progress?

The relationship between image and sound is that of a complex interaction, where Image and sound seem to become one single element. Images are used to reinforce our emotional response to the music just as the music can be used to intensify our reaction and understanding of the image. It is done to heighten our sensory perception. An example of this is when an image or a sound reflects the mood/emotion of the other. In film and tv we don’t separate them as two different experiences, they are part of the same experience.

YouTube is probably the main source to find music that is attached to or juxtaposed with an image. But with sites such as this, new music video producers are having to compete against old video that may still popular. Musicians are having to find new ways of making their music videos more appealing. There could be a decline in the old school music video as some bands are finding new ways to put visual images with their music such as interactive videos.

I found this blog about sound and image relationships. In one of the posts, it talks about one of the ideas of Michel Gondrys (director) where sound controls the image.

‘Michel Gondry is a director that does a lot of stop motion animation and his son often uses a machine in his arts and crafts class that produces something called spin art. as a disc is spinning on a turntable paint is dropped down on it to create interesting patterns on the paper. Michel took this one step further by employing Bjork, a friend of his, to attach fishing line to her fingers so that when she played her piano, each finger would release a different colored paint. in this way then the sound really does affect the image. if Michel mastered this process enough and even connected the fishing line to individual keys, he could create works of art based off of popular songs’

‘you could perform songs over and over again and actually create multiple works of art that actually looked close to identical if you performed them well enough. most of the time when we consider sound/image relationships we create images with our imagination based on what we hear or we produce sounds based on what we see, but when we have a machine that automatically produces an image based on sound it’s completely different. i also enjoy the idea of attaching bright and warm colors to “happier” sounding keys on the piano and then darker colors to lower and “sadder” sounding piano keys. so in that way when you look at the final piece of art created you could predict pretty well whether the song was more upbeat or serious.’

I think that the manipulation of sound and  image is an interesting concept, from a point where one controls the other or where the interaction of both is equally important to the outcome.

The relationship between sound and image has progressed so much in the last century with the invention of Scopitone and the music video and is only limited by imagination and the increasing power of technology. However it is always, and always will be, the creative instinct and understanding of the composer and artist in combining the two that can take the relationship between sound and image and progress it further.




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