Brief 3

Brief 3 was to produce a short montage work using still images.

The work must contain sound/music and narration to tell a story (there is no requirement to use dialogue).

I chose this song as the beat has a really nice walking beat to it. My montage doesn’t tell the story of the whole song but picks up on the lyrics in it that add to the imagery’s story.

by me for the song Coast On By by King Creosote

I wanted to create a kind of stop motion video as I thought this would help make the story flow better. I have seen stuff like this made before, but never had a go at doing it my self. The idea itself was quite simple, so was reasonably easy to shoot.  It was a lot of fun to make and I am quite pleased with the turn out. I do not own the song and 1 image that is presented in the montage. I searched up some stop motion music video’s and came across this video by Monogrenade for their song ‘Ce Soir’. This is a really nice example of a professional stop motion video. In the video it shows some shoes coming out from under the bed. I thought I could expand on this idea in my video and make my own story with it with the song I chose.


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