MVM Final Project

Brief 4 is the 75% Final Project which is an Audio inspired visual media work.


Through out this module I have really been interested in the use of montage. Some of the videos that have stood out for me are PJ Harveys ‘Let England shake’ and some of the still images video such as the video for Powerdove’s ‘Wandering Jew’.

I wanted my video to focus on the theme of memory and nostalgia. This is very effective in videos because it is something we all have in common. Everyone has a photograph, smell or any other sense that reminds them of something even if the connection maybe seemingly unrelated. This is also an interesting conclusion that we use all our senses to store our memories even if we do not realize it.

Production and Editing

Some of the clips in the montage are not mine but I used them because they are shot at different angles and heights that maybe a child is at. I got them from the site as it is a  copyright free site that allows you to download the clips for free. I cut up the clips so that some would fit with the beat or the off beat. I thought that this was important so that the music could connect with the images as well as setting the tone of video.

Final Outcome


Because my video looks at things such as people walking, buildings, cars, natural occurrences i.e clouds and flowers and especially as it goes back to this image of the eye after every few clips, overall it has a dream like feel to it.  The images I have used offer a commonality of experience as they are images we can all relate to and will trigger different memories. The music becomes the glue in the video as its tone sets the nostalgic atmosphere which allows the mind to focus on the images placed in front of it. The listener and viewer are in a  position where they will automatically begin to relate to what they are experiencing but will each experience a different and quite personal outcome.

If I was to do it again I would film my own clips and put them together as it would becomes more personal, but I think the images that I have used work quite well together.

Both Brief 2 and Brief 3 were very important to my final brief and are reflected a lot in this video. The objectives of both briefs were very similar, to find an image and write a piece of music for it that would describe it and to create a video with still images. These briefs made you think about the connection of the music to the images that were being presented to the viewer. my brief 4 outcome I think has become more effective because of these 2 briefs.

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