SAtB Final Performance

Today I had my Step Across the Border Assessment of my installation performance. I think that my final performance went how it was supposed to and my patch did everything that it was meant to do. I had a few problems with it though.

I was going to have two lpd8 midi pad controllers and have 4 sounds on each. The dials were connected so that each sound had a volume level and the playback speed controller. I decided to connect dials to affect the playback speed as I really liked the idea of this. I didn’t realize it was possible to do this until I started using max msp. As the sounds recorded were of me improvising with the thumb piano, the use of the playback speed was supposed allow the audience to improvise with the sounds as well as changing the levels.

I borrowed one of the controllers we made in electronics so that I could have two of them doing things to the imagery. The footage that I showed was of the bike journey I mentioned in the last post. Unfortunately because my patch couldn’t detect the usb extender I couldn’t use more than two devices. I decided that I had to compromise and just use one lpd8 and one of the controllers we made in electronics. This meant that I was limited to how much I could do and use in my patch. I decided to put all 8 sounds onto one midi pad controller and just use the dials to control the levels of each sound. I would have liked to of had the playback speed as an option to play with but it I thought it was more important to have all the different sounds in.

If I was to do this again I think that I would definitely have the two midi pad controllers and the two controllers that affected the film. I think that I would also find different ways of affecting the imagery and maybe add effects to the sounds that the audience could control on the midi pads to make them sound a bit more interesting. I would even like to try making sounds from the bike, as was the original idea, and see what that would sound like.

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