Cindy Sherman

Cindy Sherman is an American Photographer and Film Director. She is more commonly know for her conceptual portraits and how she challenges the perception and stereotypical representation of the role of women in society.

film stills Cindy Sherman

Reading ‘An Introduction To Theories Of Popular Culture’ by Dominic Strinati, there is a chapter on feminism that outlines the portrayal of, for example, women in advertising with the use of content analysis and feminists critiques and theories. The fact of it all we used to belong in, and in some area’s they still live in, this patriarchal society where the men were dominant and held more power and prestige. This is how women were being represented by mass media, which became a large target for feminists. Their analysis of women in advertising showed that gender often being used to represent traditional cultural stereotypes did not show women in a realistic way.

Although Cindy Sherman does not consider her work to be feminist, her photo series do focus on the media, magazines and film stereotyping of women. The image women have been given is very much an important part of Cindy Sherman’s work. Within her work she uses this image to show that they are the victim.

Untitled Film Still #53 1980, reprinted 1998 by Cindy Sherman born 1954

“In content I wanted a man opening up the magazine suddenly look at it with an expectation of something lascivious and then feel like the violator that they would be. Looking at this woman who is perhaps a victim. I didn’t think of them as victims at the time… But I suppose… Obviously I’m trying to make someone feel bad for having a certain expectation.”

I think it is important that all women and men know and understand how far we have come to become this society where equality has changed. But the one that really gets me is the fact that still there are things happening in the world where, for the first time, it has been a women who has accomplished it. For example Marin Alsop became the first women ever to conduct the last night of the proms a couple of months ago. She said in an interview that she was”quite shocked that it can be 2013 and there can still be firsts for women”. I absolutely agree with her.

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