Sonics Arts and Assignment 2

Here in Canada at the amazing university that is OCAD, I am studying a module called Sonic Arts. I have found that in the last 4 weeks we have covered very similar ground to that of the Music and Visual Media module I did last year at Newport and studio work that is very similar to what I have already been taught. But the environment is very different to how it is in Newport; getting used to new systems or booking things out, the software they use and the recording studios here. The music that I have been making for this module is very different to what I was making in the Music and Visual Media module. There I was creating more sound track like tracks using reason and Protools where as here – although the stuff i make is still very soundtrack like and sound scapey it is more electronic – trying to understand what sonic arts is and how the history of it affects my work.

For the first assignment we had to find a piece of sonic artwork and present/discuss it. I chose to talk about Jaap Van Den Elzen and Augusto Meijer’s hypercube as an example of sonic art because of how sound and reflections are used within the installation. The viewer becomes uncomfortable as the sound immerses them into the cube shaped structure whilst the mirrors create an atmospheric change as space and time become removed from the box.

The second assignment is where we had to create a piece of sonic music for an image using adobe audition (or similar) The piece had to be between 20-60 seconds but many of the other students went over that time but our lecture seems pretty flexible on this like that which is great because music shouldn’t have restrictions like that. Although I did stick to the assignment by the letter.. of which I felt the piece should have longer than it was. But now I know that the assignments seem to be more flexible than what is written down, next time I will go with my gut feeling. So here is my first proper sound assignment at OCAD, enjoy.


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