16mm Film

The first assignment of my Frame by Frame module here at OCADU was to make an animation of about 15-30 seconds on 16mm film. As it is a new module it is always changing and is really flexible on what work we produce from all the different techniques we are being showed.

For this assignment I cut up bits of 16mm and 120 film and coloured some in with coloured sharpies and ink that is designed especially for film. I also etched into black litre film and tried to make movements with shapes. The point of this assignment was to do everything frame by frame so even though it is very short film it actually took a while to make but it was really fun. Definitely going to do more of this!

To film it we used a Steinbeck machine where we threaded through the film then set up a camera to film the projection off the Steinbeck’s screen. It is an amazing piece of equipment. We were also inducted on the optical printer which is also an amazing piece of equipments but there was little time to try out the different ways of projecting and recording our films but I am very satisfied with the outcome of this little film I made – Enjoy!



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