Uni is Nearly Over

Well what can I say, I’m kind of a bit emotional at the moment.

This past week I’ve had deadlines in every other day, then I have an exam next Thursday and then I’m done for the summer! A mixture of relief, stress and the fact that I will be going home in just under 3 weeks makes me a little tearful at the moment. I just can’t believe how it has flown by so quickly. I have met some amazing people here and we’ve become so close in just a short amount of time. Luckily I have met some exchange students who are on exchange from different area’s in the UK, so when we all get back in September we have planned to meet up. The others who are from the USA, Denmark, Finland and Brazil, I know that now I have an excuse to go to all these places but I’m really going to miss them all. I have 1 more adventure to New York City next weekend for the week then its pack pack pack for the last few days.

Toronto? I’m going to miss you but I’ll be back.

Home? I look forward to seeing you very very soon and sleeping in my own bed

emotional speech over.

J Xx

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