Finalising the Abandoned Symphonies Concept

This post is going to re-iterate things I have posted in the past but will hopefully clarify things a little more clearly. After this post I will then post the first edit of the film short and discuss where it is going and how it fits in with the Abandoned Symphonies concept and idea.

Firstly, I have decided that I am going to stick with name Abandoned Symphonies. The word ‘symphony’ has the connotation or impression of something on a large scale and grand such as an orchestra. But when I use the word symphony I dont see it as being that way. I see it more in a structural way, where architecture becomes music. Writing my dissertation on the relationship between music and architecture I see how influenced music has been on the design and structure of a building where the make up is that of similar to musical theory. When you put together all the elements and musical entities together such as repetition, form, tonality, rhythm, you get this grand design, an amalgamation of music in a frozen form. It is a symphonic structure. These Abandoned buildings still hold their symphonies of sounds from the past and musical elements, and in turn, by using my own music, Abandoned Symphonies is the idea of bringing these places new life, a new soul.

Each place within the Abandoned Symphonies series is titled something to do with the area and place, so I have decided I will stick with StablePark for this short.

The songs in these films do not necessarily have anything to do with the place itself. The song in StablePark doesn’t really have a name because, for me, it is not about the song name or the lyrics it is about the performance of the song inside the old stable. The listener gets to make up their own idea’s about what the song and lyrics are about. Inviting them to create their own stories of what happened in the old abandoned building.

This is the same for the installation. Although the installation itself is named Abandoned Symphonies, it is using two songs of mine to bring the place to life and as you move about within the installation you are immersed in these different stories – songs – helping the viewer to use their imagination and to create their own stories on what went on there.

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