First Edit for StablePark short

This is the first edit of StablePark. As you watch it you will notice that the sound isn’t edited right and there are some talking in places. This is because this edit it simply to get together the images and to decided on a structure that works.

With the other first edits I have done with this project I feel that this edit has made the project feel like it is actually going somewhere – Just very late on in the process! but its all been a learning curve that I hope will pay off. This edit is a good starting point of for the final edit I hope to complete in the next couple of days.

I filtered through all the footage from both the film purposefully shot footage and the installation purposefully shot footage. This allowed me to cut through several shots and make the whole thing seemed very spatial where, for example, I walk past you singing. Its weird to listen to whilst editing because as people talk and make noises around me, I don’t know whether it was something that was picked up in the recording or not so I always have to go back and check.

I’m not sure whether the pacing of the film is right though, to me it feels too long winded so tomorrow I will cut it down and assemble some of the shots better.  At the moment I am feeling that it you see too much of me where I want you to see less of me because the idea is that these films about the buildings themselves. This is also something I will do in the next editing session, where I will trying to make me appear less. In the last film edit I did for this project on the 2nd shoot I found that sound was all over place and it didn’t match the visuals and didn’t make much sense. I am much aware of this now and want to avoid  this as much as possible in this edit when I am ‘removing myself’, so to speak, from the film.

Whilst I am editing this film I am thinking of how to edit the installation footage. I want to use some of the moving shots in the installation as well so that the viewer is allowed to see some of the intimate parts of the building just like in the film. As the film is an intimate experience where you have to listen to it binaurally it makes sense for you to see all these details where as in the installation you are suddenly surrounded by parts of the building you wouldn’t necessarily look at in a large scale. This means that for the installation I will be editing 4 more videos – One for each screen where I will be ‘walking around’ the installation (on the screens) but using some of the stuff i have used in the film. There are two different experiences here. One is very open and free. The other is very enclosed and intimate. I like that there are two different possibilities of how you can perceive and experience the building, one being a personal experience and the other shared.

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