Submitting for festivals/conferences/exhibition

A specific part of my target audience attend and enter artwork/sound to conferences, festivals, competitions and exhibitions. The panel that look at the submissions for these types of competitions are the people I need to look at my work to hopefully get some commissions. It is because the area that I am working in is growing in interest and more people are beginning to explore the use of sound and space. So I have decided to submit my work for some of these festivals. My work will be competing with more experienced artists and musicians in this field but this is where I need to begin getting my work out there as an artist. Even if I don’t get anything from it, the fact that I am entering these competitions and discussions someone would have seen my work through these submissions. It is also good experience for future submissions. For these festivals I can submit both film/AV work and installation work. Some allow both some only one submission per artist. The festivals and conferences that I have decided to enter are:

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015: Deadline 31st May

Sound, Images and data 2015: Deadline 17th April

ARTica Contemporary Art: Deadline 19th June

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