Aesthetica Magazine, Aesthetica Art Prize and Aesthetica Short Film Festival

I have been following Aesthetica magazine for a while and I have known that they have been running the Art Prize for a few years now. Everything about Aesthetica magazine I love and I end up following it daily.  It is an arts and culture magazine that focuses primarily on contemporary visual arts. The magazines covers the main topics of Film, Music, Art & Design, Photography and Performance but within these sections include other topics such as architecture, reviews of a wide range of film and music genres, events and recommendations for up and coming exhibitions, new releases in music and film and art.

The magazine has a criteria for advertising which can be found on their website showing that their target audience/reader profile as:

  • The average age range of our readers is 30 – 40
  • Our readers are high-income professionals: lecturers; teachers; gallerists; those working professionally in the arts industry
  • They are roughly 55% female and 45% male
  • The majority are university educated, and many have undertaken postgraduate study
  • Our readers enjoy:
    – visiting high-end galleries and art fairs
    – going to the theatre and cinema
    – eating out
    – traveling regularly
    – buying designer clothes
    – engaging with the media & technology

Going through the reader profile outline I can see how my work fits into Aesthetica’s criteria and target audience. Throughout this semester I have been able to network with artists and musicians around the Cardiff area as well as meeting some London base artist and architects that are working in the same field as me – sound, space and installation – who are likely to be reading this type of magazine because of how established the magazine is in the art world. Most of the artists that I have met have been aged 30 or above and have been successfully working in their creative practice for years. A few of them being university lecturers as well as professional artist/architects/musicians. This tells me that the work/ideas I am currently working on is at the same level as these successful creative practitioners. The age range for this magazine and that of the artists that I am meeting are very similar. This tells me that the people who may be interested in my work are likely to see it through Aesthetica magazine.

A majority of the people that I have met that are working in the field I am in are either artists that are female or architects that are male. I noticed this especially when I went to the Ambika P3 exhibition where all the architects exhibiting were male but a majority of the artists that attended the talks and performances that I was able to network with were actually female – with a majority of them fitting the age range for this magazine too.

As a reader of Aesthetica magazine I don’t actually fit into the age range for the magazine as it is targeting more professional people who are working in the creative industry but this is just an average age range and I am an exception. Apart from that I seem to fit the reader profile quite well. This is important because it shows that the fact that I fit the reader profile then it is quite likely that my work will fit into this type of magazine and part of the arts industry. My work is gallery and arts based, engages with media and technology and involves travel/urban exploration. It also ticks all the boxes for what the magazine publishes – film, music, art, photography and performance (in a subtle way). My target audience are the people that read this magazine because a lot of them are galleriest. This is important with my line of work as these are the people I need looking at my work to get potential commissions.

Now that I know that Aesthetica’s target audience is very similar to my target audience I feel that it would be appropriate for me to enter for the Aesthetica Arts Prize and the Aesthetica Short Film Festival. Below is the outline for the submissions with the deadlines being the 31st of August 2015 and the 30th of May 2015.

Aesthetica Art Prize

The Aesthetica Art Prize is committed to innovation in art and we welcome entries from artists working in all media. Artists may submit their work into any one of the four categories:

  • Photographic & Digital Art
    Including but not limited to: photography, digitally manipulated artwork, neon work.
  • Three Dimensional Design & Sculpture
    Including but not limited to: stone work, glass work, metal work, wood work, ceramic art, textile art.
  • Painting & Drawing
    Including but not limited to: water colour, oils, illustration, calligraphy, print making, mixed media, collage.
  • Video, Installation & Performance
    Including but not limited to: video work, installation work, performance art.

here are two awards that artists can enter; the Main Prize and the Student Prize.

Main Prize

  • £5,000 prize money courtesy of Hiscox
  • Group exhibition hosted by York Museums Trust and Aesthetica
  • Editorial coverage in Aesthetica Magazine
  • Publication in the Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology

Student Prize

  • £1,000 prize money courtesy of Hiscox
  • Group exhibition hosted by York Museums Trust and Aesthetica
  • Editorial coverage in Aesthetica Magazine
  • Publication in the Aesthetica Art Prize Anthology

Aesthetica Short Film Festival

Supporting & Championing Short Film

We are accepting films in all genres: advertising, animation, artists’ film, comedy, documentary, drama, experimental, fashion, music video and thriller. Enter for your chance to be screened at the BAFTA Qualifying Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2015. The Official Selection of films will be shown in 15 venues across the City of York from 5 to 8 November. There will be additional prizes for Best Film in each category and the People’s Choice winner. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your work to an international audience of filmmakers, industry and film fans.

  • The Official Selection will be announced in September 2015
  • Winners will be announced at the ASFF Awards Ceremony on 8 November 2015

Submission Guidelines

  • Running times up to 30mins
  • English language, dubbed into English or with English subtitles
  • Online submissions preferred; postal submissions still accepted
  • Entry form must include name, address, telephone number and email
  • Your film must not be in breach of any copyright, including music or sound contained in your entry

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