Final Out Come

This is the final outcome of my production module. The video itself is a headphones only film with the use of a mix of stereo and binaural recording. It has been a long and slow process but in the end I think it came out quite well.

The direction of the film changed many times and I didn’t really know where it was going most of the time. In the end I rerecorded all the vocals in the studio and then tried to mix and balance them in with the binaural singing recordings as well as the field recordings. When it came to the edit of the film, with advice from other people, I used different field recordings for each shot. This hopefully gave a sense of space – that you are in a different room or area.

ASP copy

 The book is also for the live show. I dont expect to sell many or if any really but I think it is a nice thing to go with the installation too. There are a few pages in the book that I would do differently – a few of them are a montage of images  and things. It looks good but I think it could be better. I like the use of the label maker on the book and on the CD. I like that the textures. I wish I was able to put more textures in the book so that it feels interesting but the idea is that it is also a coffee table book so I think that because it is visually interesting it makes up for this.

I know that I have been very ambitious with this project and I know that it could have probably turned out a bit better but it was all trial and error and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I think the concept behind it is strong enough to give it a reason to be a substantial piece of work. I actually like the idea of using binaural recording in the future or using binaural plugins to place stereo recordings within a mix – I didn’t know that that was possible! It a has been a good learning experience for me and I have been able to see side of recording and filming/editing that I have never experience/witnessed before. I feel that I have more grounding on these areas now and feel that I can use them to my advantage later on as I know a bit more about how they work – This will help me to use my time ore efficiently.

As this will be an ongoing series and I have been using sound techniques that haven’t really been explored that much in the Audio Visual world within video, it is hard to say where I will go next with it. I suppose it is just more experimenting and seeing where it will take me and what the boundaries are with it. I feel that it has so much potential that sometimes it is quite hard to know what to actually do with binaural recording.

I know that within the project itself it has been the technical help – using binaural recording and the limited  equipment that has been made available to me – that has let me down. Having really no idea what I am doing doesn’t help either. But saying this I think I’ve done alright and I am pretty pleased with the outcome even though I feel there is room for plenty of improvement.

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