Thought Process behind TreeClouds

The last exhibition that feature work by Teddy Hunter was STRAVAIG. This exhibition featured work that was still in the process of development.

Our gallery space in the studio of my course – Art, Space and Nature – is named the Tent Gallery. In this space, our program of 9 students, we able to exhibit some work that would be left in the gallery space over the Christmas period.

The name Stravaig – meaning ‘to wonder’ in Scottish- was chosen because of one of the projects that we had jumped into at the beginning of the semester. This project was named Outlandia because of our trip to the Outlandia field station in October last year. Outlandia is owned by London Field Works and we were lucky enough to have a mini residency there at the beginning of the course. Our output for this residency is to make some artwork that will be exhibited in either the town or Outlandia its self  – where ever our mind takes us really – around February time this year.


My experience at Outlandia was an odd one. We all started walking together in some of the highland areas together but as the week went on, we all slowly started to our own separate things and become more individual as we were all taking in different experiences. I found myself looking up at the sky a lot. At the clouds. At the trees. You can probably see where I am going here. I started to study the clouds and realised that there were similar patterns in that of the trees when you look up. The branches all together formed these little cluster – or clouds. I read them as another layer in the cloud system. Clouds are quite amazing things.


After tracing over some of the areas in the photographs that I took by looking up at the trees, these clusters were really quite visible. I decided that I would make what I thought were TreeClouds. These intricate clouds of branches that had the softness and structure of a cloud but also the texture of trees.


And there we have it. TreeClouds.

more information about this piece of work can be found here

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