Art Space and Nature, and Research

I am now turning what was my university blog into a place for me to put all my research as well as other interesting things I come across. Although it will predominantly will feature a lot of ongoing Postgraduate work I am doing at the moment, this site will hopefully become a catalog and a basis for all my extensive and outer curriculum research as well as ideas; not to become a heavy research blog but a place for my imagination to put things together and share with others.

At the beginning of September 2015 I started my Postgraduate degree in Art Space and Nature at the University of Edinburgh/Edinburgh College of Art, therefor you will also be updated with ongoing progress of projects and research for my current projects.

My current modules that I am taking are a Creative Practice module, which is where I will be developing installation and project ideas that will end in an exhibition of some kind. My other module is an elective I have chosen; Music, Philosophy and Politics. Some of the ideas and theories that I will come across in this module you may find here. These ideas will then be put together in a 5000 word paper that I will become the output for this modules.

Wish me luck.

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