ECCI Alliance

One of the projects am in involved with this semester is a project that allows me to work with the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. (ECCI). Coming from a sound perspective I think that something quite interesting could come out with this new alliance. The idea of the ECCI is to bring people together from different subject areas to create and innovate new ideas that could make positive changes and impacts to the world.

One project idea I have in mind would be good to collaborate with some one with from a different field who can give a different perspective on my ideas as well as advise me in things. Sound and architecture are still a big interest for me and would like to develop this further. Maybe something do with how sound and biological/ecological structures could be connected and if it was possible to use this information to design some kind of sustainable building or structure.

Another idea I would like to collaborate with is, is the idea of an instrument building. Made of reused instruments that are broken or are being wasted as well as recyclable materials, this structure could be used in a festival setting as a well as in a gallery setting. Inviting the audience to come together and maybe use the space as a place of performance as well as socialising.  The ability to play the building. The idea that the interaction between the person and the structure become one is a very interesting concept to me and wrote about extensively in my dissertation.

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