Pottery and Sound

As my recent ideas have involved a bit of pottery making, I started to think about how sound and pottery could be connected.

If I was to go into a more philosophical or posthuman perspective to this I would probably come up with something like:

Pottery; plates, cups, saucers, bowls, mugs have been witnesses to conversations, singing, dancing, music, sounds of the outdoors, sounds of indoors, cafe music – all the sounds around us and would know all our secrets and thoughts – just like a building – that mug or piece of pottery becomes an extension of us. Each piece would have a story, a sound of culture, a history.

But no, how ever lovely I think the slight naivety in that piece of writing may sound, I wanted to see if it was actually possible to put sound onto a piece of pottery. Unfortunately (but fortunate at the same time) someone got there before me.


And well, they have found that it is a little impossible to actually put sound onto pottery. But nevertheless, the idea is a lovely one. But I do think it just needs a bit more thought – maybe defining what ‘sound on pottery’ really means or is. I don’t think I was necessarily thinking of putting music/sound waves/ directly onto a turning bit of clay on a pottery wheel. Maybe there does just need a bit more thought and research about and around this idea.

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