picnics under the treeclouds

Recently I was in the highland again. This was the first time since my TreeCloud revelation. We packed our rucksacks with picnic foods, cameras, jumpers, water, sketchbooks, sound recording equipment and walked up to the Caledonian Forest up in the Rannoch Blackwood’s by Loch Rannoch. We thought that we would know when we got to the only remaining natural forest left in the UK but weren’t really sure what to expect or what we were looking for. I suppose what was going through my mind was that the once the tree’s look ‘less in line’ with each other then we are probably there. It was quite strange when we realised that we were in this particular part of the forest because it all seemed so much wilder and slightly scarier than just walking through the normal plantation forest that is all around us. I found that there was a weirdly unnerving feeling about being somewhere so wild and natural. Which is odd to think and quite ironic. Scared of ‘real’ nature.

Saying this, as soon as we found a spot to chill and sit and have our lunch it suddenly dawned on me. I was having a picnic under REAL TreeClouds for the very first time. Although they seemed very similar to the ones in Outlandia, the one thing that got me was that these were formed naturally and were the wild TreeClouds that no one really gets to experience unless you make the trek through the highlands to literally the middle of no where. A place where if you saw someone else… that would be really really freaky. The kind of place where you know you aren’t being watched but if you were on your own it would probably be terrifying but at the same time so thrillingly free. It was like we were just animals passing through. The satisfaction of shouting and howling in such a place was exhilarating. It felt good.

For Patriothall I want to recreate that awe I had when I sat under the TreeClouds eating my lunch. The terrain that was around me, the light that shone through the trees, the natural shadows that covered us. Therefor I want to design this room that you climb up into, like I had to to get to the woods. It will basically be a shed on stilts. On the floor of the shed will be natural turf and grass, uneven and cushy in some places, rocky in others. In the centre of the shed will hang a TreeCloud, suspended like a chandelier with a light in the middle. This will make the shadow effect that I experienced whilst in the woods, and how I’d imagine the experience to carry into the night time.



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