Who is Teddy Hunter

Who is Teddy Hunter


These days the line has blurred between who it is as a persona and pseudonym, and real person. Is it an artist, a musician, or is it both, or is it just Jess or is it all of it at once.

I question myself continuously as to whether I am a musician or an artist and what Teddy is. This is where I need to reflect on the original function of the pseudonym?

Firstly, I don’t like calling it a pseudonym. For me that implies a falsleyhood.

As Teddy was a way of becoming a professional artist in the ‘real’ world outside of university and slowly became a way for me to use Teddy Hunter as a platform to output content onto.

I think I need to start doing this again. I think I have gotten very swallowed up in who Teddy Hunter is and what the function of it was that I have kind of forgotten.

It can be who I want to be, It can take on any form, it can be male or female. It is most defiantly creative.  Although now I am very much rambling out thoughts, this is a way of me to understand out what Teddy is .


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