Field Day at Roath Lake






Today I went to Roath Lake to start my experiments. This  was  to read what voltages were coming out  of the plant/trees/surroundings. I add surroundings  into this because it wasn’t until I got half way round I realised that actually there must be so many other factors and elements that would  b  affection  my readings. I had a thought that maybe the water (the lake near by) might actually  be the biggest factor because  I assume it is t  trees main source  of water (I could   wrong here ad I don’t know how the lake was made). Also currents under ground   – is that a thing? The earth is alive so I would  be surprised. Anyway this was  just a fist experiment to go out and collect  data on my own. I learnt quite doing this – including  how to use the multimeter.




As you can tell, my test results and experiment  probably have a lot of  human errors an  wasn’t very considerable  in how/where I put tree multimeter probes. To  me this day as  get a sense of what it is I want to do and to also confirm a few of my own thoughts about currents in plants. Because well, it’s absolutely fascinating. There is obviously something going on here. It is known that plants/trees talk all to each other through this mass systems where they are all connected up. Warning each other of danger such as an infection as well as the nearest source of water.

As well as  just having  a really lovely walk, I took 24 sets of results. As expected the multimeter was going a bit crazy as the voltage  it was reading  were extremely random. I didn’t quite expect how random they would be as I’ve only seen things like the MIDI Sprout where I think it actually dampens down how random and the vast scale of which the voltages fall and rise too. This also didn’t help when you don’t know  how to use a multimeter very well. I found that some setting  had more interesting numbers that would be easier to work with but I didn’t find this out until I got about half way round the lake.



I drew a map of the lake and as I went round measuring the voltages I plotted them on my quick sketch (this is a redrawn version)


The walk also allowed mE  to really think about my ideas an  the project as a whole. I think also my data is definitely unusable I kind of  know now that that this is all very interesting and that I see  that there is definitely something happening here in term  of that the trees, plants,ground  I  so much more alive  than I thought.

Next up I’m going to try and make  my oscillator the I built portable so that I can take readings with that. Ideally what I’d really lovely  to do is take  some  live frequency recordings but I think I’ll nee  to research a bit more  into that.

Below are photos of most of the trees  I took readings of. I thought I took a photo of all of them but somewhere I missed a few.




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