Audio Visual festival train thoughts

I’m on  train so here a bunch of thoughts that I have about the  Audio visual festival I am working  on.


  • When will it be – currently I am thinking  November time. Although I have  just realise  that pretty much right after Swn festival they put up the Christian  market. That could b  interest in  in itself though. Thinking about Montreal Lumiere festival that I went to a few  years ago when was on exchange. It made whole experience really immersive.
  • Projecting onto buildings – would be great to get permission   something like  this. The  bus station /BBC centre in Cardiff would be awesome. I would have to properly write s proposal and pitch it to them.
  • Funding. I would  need to apply for funding. What’s out there. – would need funding for tech equipment hire, artist fees (ideally want to pay them), promotional tools.
  • What do people want? Survey monkey.
  • How long would it rub for – one week, a weekend? A day?
  • Open calls – would need to start looking at how to write up an open call. It would be free
  • Need a panel to help select?
  • How would you make money? Would need to create revenue to put back into the project for coming years/make up on any losses / unexpected financial outs.
  • Maybe have a few ticketed events.
  • Engage local galleries/schools/art collectives?

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