Harpex Plugin

For using Logic in TC202 the Harpex Plugin is what I’ll need to use to playback my ambisonic field recordings.


‘Harpex is a signal processing algorithm designed to extract the maximum amount of spatial information from sound field recordings. With the Harpex plug-ins, content creators use this technology to transform sound field recordings in A-format, B-format or AmbiX into the standard surround and 3D surround formats used in film and television, coincident, non-coincident and binaural stereo, or higher-order AmbiX for VR and AR applications.
Binaural reality
With its binaural decoding mode, Harpex is able to produce headphone-adapted stereo similar to artificial head recordings. In virtual reality applications, where the sound field needs to be rotated to match the user’s head orientation, the standard audio format is AmbiX. Harpex is able to produce up to 3rd order AmbiX output from sound field recordings.’

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  1. […] Ableton a lot more visual so I can see what is going on. The one thing I like about Logic is the Harpex Plugin.. It has this visual element to it that reminds me a lot of one of my previous projects Noctilucence […]

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