Listening to recordings in TC202

After going out and making several recordings in Roath Park Conservatory I took my recordings and imported them into Logic (at first) and then after a while of playing with the sounds in Logic, I then moved to Ableton Live.

Although I don’t mind using Logic, I find Ableton a lot more visual so I can see what is going on. The one thing I like about Logic is the Harpex Plugin.. It has this visual element to it that reminds me a lot of one of my previous projects Noctilucence of Festival.

I found it was interesting to hear what particular sounds and their spatial placement made you feel present in another space. For example, the waterfall in certain recordings made the room feel fuzzy as it just sounded like background noise. I made several recordings in the conservatory and I found that the further away from the waterfall the recording was taken place, the more like a waterfall it sounded. Sounds such as birds, rustling of leaves, footsteps, talking made me feel more present in another space.

I’d definitely like to go and do some more recording.




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