Notes from Soundscape Music Paper

Notes from Soundscape: In The View of Music by Zhiyong Deng

‘To distinguish the soundscape composition from other compositions clearer, we try to come up with a definition of soundscape music. Soundscape music is a genre which full of musicality with the essential characters of time identifiablity or localization utilizing sound materials to express local or temporal eco-environment and culture environment mainly focusing on refresh the listeners’ physiological and psychological function as a representation or a tool in music category.’


looking at soundscape music with musicality, it can be divided into three sections; ‘music as soundscape, soundscape samples in music and raw soundscape as music. Music as soundscape is to make a blend of music and soundscape expression to make it unique in localization and time identifiablity.’


The purpose of soundscape music is, apparently, quite strict – it is to make you ‘relax, energize and expand the soul with this rich mix of new age, atmospheric, and world-positive music,and to enhance listeners’ sensitive to sounds.‘ I feel as if my work is heading towards this idea of soundscape music where its function is to engage listeners in the doing of listening and reinforcing the notions of their surroundings.  In a way my project is soundscape music, but its performative element and the personifying of plants.


In this paper it mentions that not all sounds ‘ingredients’ of  soundscape necessarily need to be drawn from natural sounds. I think this is quite interesting statement as we live in such an over driven world of man-made sounds/noises/machinery since the post war era’s.

‘based on the utilization of soundscape components, we divide soundscape music into two parts, utilizing mixed sound materials in the pieces no matter where it is from, of course including natural sounds and acoustic instruments, or integrating the pure natural sound completely. And due to the fact that human’s voice is a special instrument, we also put it into the soundscape materials.’


A soundscape has a more stable visual wave than a piece of say classical music whereby the music will usually end on a forte/crescendo. Soundscapes are constant and have stable sound waves features where as general music tend to have  peaks and troughs.


Screenshot 2018-11-13 at 17.19.30.png

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