BioSymphony Final Submission Pitch

Conceptual ideas and things that are important to me


Environmental issues need to be addressed

  • Feel it should be in a subtle way
  • My way of doing this is with the sonogram or by a visual output



How will it be subtle?

The sonogram (or visual element) will overdub itself slowly and in a subtle way. The vibrations and sounds are always around us whether we can see or hear them. Environmental problems have built up overtime and we can learn a lot from our surroundings. Our environments can be subtle in how they move and respond around us. It seems to me that the problems are only taken seriously when they become visually noticeable

To begin with the installation will likely be ‘boring’ in the sense of it may seem that nothing is happening but then there will come a time/stage in the installation where the sounds and imagery will have built up – to an extent of being noticed just like out climate/environment.

The idea within this installation is to allow the audience to have thinking time and to reflect on the subtle changes in the room – either through sound or through the visuals.



Some problems that may occur:

This would work well in a site specific place such as Roath Park Conservatory as the plants and trees are responding to each other with its surroundings – such as the birds, the waterfall, condensation, humidity, public interaction, it has it own ecology and cycle- one that cannot be reproduced in a clinical environment – in this case TC202.



How I will reach my end goal


  • Using piezo pickups on leaves
  • processing their signals via audio patches within Max MSP
  • Process this signal to create tones (audio)
  • Use TC202
  • in Max there is a sonogram object –looking into over dubbing the sonogram
  • Converting the signals from plants into MIDI to use for light
  • Think about what plants I will use and why.


As a visual thinker – and how I see audiences responding to sound installation work – I think it is important that there is a visual output. For example:

A Sonogram

Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 17.41

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