Max4Live +Ableton

Even though I have been working on a massive patch for most of the semester I have just found out a SUPER easy way to have everything working.

I have just been shown how to Max4Live in Ableton and it just made my whole life SO much easier! Now I can really see how all the software is working which is a relief as I have been trying to get my head around it all this past semester. Even thought I can now see that I won’t need most of or even any of the programming I have been working on for this installation, I don’t think that spending ages in the Sound Lab playing around in Ableton + the amount of time I have spent on my Max Patch has been a waste of time. I think it has been a really important learning experience for me and I know it will be – and I can see that it already has started to help me develop the songwriting part of my practice where I am using the basic elements of Ableton.

In terms of the installation, it makes so much sense to have all the audio inputs go through Ableton then on each track having a  Max4Live plugin that will allow me to edit/trigger what is coming in on those track by using parts of my Max Patch. I will also be able to spatially place sounds with Envelop in Ableton.

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