How do plants emit voltages + Plant-e

This has been puzzling me for a while…

I have recently found out that the emission of electrons are a waste product  from bacteria found in the plants roots. The bacteria breakdown organic matter produced by a plant from the photosynthesis process . This first made me questions that I might be wrong about all this- plants talking, voltages turning into voices… but then I started to think about how I use the MIDI Sprout and the piezo mic- The MIDI Sprouts electrodes are placed on the leaves and are picking up the data off them. This is all very much still a bit far from my knowledge. I can only assume that the way in which the plant is emitting these electrons that we can turn into electricity – (or collect/read as voltages?) – is from the root of the plant.

This is a very interesting website and article about Plant-e who are designing a non-invasive tubular system to harvest electricity from plants at a large scale to create sustainable charging ports/wifi/lighting/endless possibilities.

I like the idea of plants running the installation I am currently making but to design an installation where the plant is even running the electricity of it would be amazing.



A section in the above article says this ‘ Oxygen levels are also why the system will function better in wetlands, though testing will tell us more about whether it will work only in wetlands or if it will also be feasible to look at applications in dryer areas.’ I have been thinking about water for a couple of weeks and think that is what I would like to explore next for a bit. I think it is interesting that wetlands and marches would allow the tubular system in the Plant-e project to function better.

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