MIDI- Sprout Opening + Testing



The MIDI Sprout has arrived!



The MIDI Sprout comes with an adapter that allows me to connect it up to my phone and use the MIDI Sprout app or I can input straight into my computer just like MIDI controller.

These instructions are useful: MIDI Sprout Instructions




I placed the sensors on the plant and opened the MIDI Sprout App….



Using the MIDI Sprout app is a really neat way of having an instant connection with the plant. When you open up the app it comes up with the MIDI Sprout logo, when the plant is reacting/responding/talking, the white logo glows just like on the MIDI Sprout itself. I really like this visual aspect of the MIDI Sprout. I also really like how instantaneous it all is.





I then connected the MIDI Sprout to my laptop and opened up Ableton to see what was happening.



I only needed to make a MIDI track and add an instrument. I then could change the key by added a scale to it. I didn’t realize this was possible. My Ableton knowledge is pretty limited but just by using MIDI Sprout I have started to understand it much better. I then had a go at recording some sounds for the installation/of the plants in general.


I  followed this video for extra help.



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