Field recording in the Forest of Dean

At the weekend I went to the Forest of Dean to do some ambisonic recordings of the forest. I left really early so that it wasn’t busy and to spend to whole day there. I have only been to the Forest of Dean once but have never really been there by myself or as a planned trip. I parked at the Sculpture Trail Car Park and went for a walk around the woodlands.


I caught a few recordings but instantly noticed how present the roadways were. In most of my recordings you could hear cars in the distance. Even thought some of the recordings have some really lovely Crow sounds, the background noise of the cars really did start to annoy me. I tried going off path a bit and going further into the forest to see if I could get away from the car sounds. I enjoy using the ambeo mic but it is incredibly sensitive and can understand that this might have been the main reason for the prominent car sounds in the recordings.

The woodlands were beautiful, some areas of the green moss have really taken over the forest/trees. I noticed that the closer to the paths the ‘cleaner’ the trees.

I did some filming around the forest too. This is for the visual aspect of the installation where I’d like the plants to be controlling different effects in Resolume. The forest is very still and so will the plants in the installation.  I didn’t really know what I was going to film but I thought if I moved slowly then I could slow the footage down and then allow the plants to take over.

These are a couple of stills from the footage:

screenshot 2019-01-10 at 15.52.25screenshot 2019-01-10 at 15.52.41


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