Installation Day 1

Day one of install was mainly to get the projectors up and running. We had the box that enabled me to split the screens 3 ways but was just waiting on long enough cables to run from the computer to the projectors. I didn’t have the visuals ready yet so I just projected my Noctilucence of Festival films as that was made for 3 screens – it was nice to be able to see them all together.


The only major problem that I encountered with the visuals is that I need Resolume Arena for the installation. This isn’t much of a problem and have written about it in a separate post. Using Resolume for the Installation.

Even though these aren’t the projections I will use for the installation, for the first time it allowed me to see how the projections look in the space. I found that the back screen that has nothing projected on just looked really odd. If I was able to project onto it it would look better but because of space (and getting hold of another projectors) It’ wouldn’t look too great. It is a bit of void area that leads to no-where… Originally I was thinking that the MIDI sprout could be controlling some lights behind there but rethinking that it might all just seem really out of context/out of place/would make sense. I’ll need to have a rethink. tomorrow.

I haven’t worked on any sound stuff today as the system needs to be re-calibrated. I also have some MAX 4 Live bit’s that I need to sort too. I know that once the sound array has been re-calibrated I’ll be able to work much better as it will be easier for me to see how the space it working and what the plants are actually doing.

I have found that because of the decision to use Max4Live (and suddenly understanding how that all works) most of  the programming I have done over the last semester wont actually be needed. Although this is a slight shame, I know that it has been a really important learning curve for me. I feel much more confident using Max MSP and Ableton.




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