Using Resolume for the installation

Unfortunately, I can’t make 3 display windows outputting from Resolume with Resolume Avenue – Resolume Arena is needed for this. This is unfortunate but I don’t think it is necessarily a big issue. I did some filming in the Forest of Dean at the weekend so I am thinking of editing up 3 videos that play along side each other. I have done this before and it works quite well. The other option is to have a single video projecting onto the 3 separate screens where it is potentially being edited in Resolume though max (you can use Avenue for single screen things). I Do have very little time to get this together but I have two options here so I’m going to see how they both turn out and decided which looks better. Ideally I would like to have 3 moving images doing slightly different things. This is because each plant or tree’s perspective is different.

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  1. […] The only major problem that I encountered with the visuals is that I need Resolume Arena for the installation. This isn’t much of a problem and have written about it in a separate post. Using Resolume for the Installation. […]

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