Coral Reefs + Algae +Sound

After looking at plants for quite an intensive few months I think I need a bit of a break from that.  I am still really interested in the Plant sounds and really want to develop the BioSymphony further but I think I need to take a new perspective on it, or focus on a new area on what a BioSymphony could be. I think this would help refine the concept and the installation further.

I found this article in the independent about algae making ringing type sounds. The algae is suffocating the reefs that need oxygen to survive. The algae is producing so much of these bubbles that they are creating noises. This is due to climate change and it is really important that these reefs are under conservation so that we don’t lose a massive part of our ecosystems. I’d like to see if these sounds (or similar) are found in other massively algae present locations such as in Lochs.


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