Design Thinking

Design thinking is a creative innovative process for human centred solutions and design. Design thinking as a process is value chain analysis


There are 5 stages to the design thinking process:


  1. Empathize – what do the audience want/do not want
  2. Define – looking at trends
  3. Ideate – what would the ideal event be – then look at the realistic event with your constraints
  4. Prototype – Storyboard/video to show shareholder – ask if there is anything else they would like to see
  5. Test



To begin with you need to set the persona of the event:

– 5 questions maximum are needed to ask the public.

– I have this idea what to you think?

-Must remember that the customer isn’t you – the event isnt you.

-need to be in the eyes of the customer and stakeholder.



What is your objective?

  • define you project objective
  • who is your customer
  • can you intuitively see if there will be problems



GRIP – Gloucester Research Innovation Process






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