My Initial Event Ideas

For this module I have been thinking about how to fit my own practice into my event. Having put on events for other people in the past, it is hard for me to get my head round putting on something for myself or including myself into the final event like this. Therefore I would like to put on an audio-visual exhibition. It would probably only run for an evening but I think this will come into the design thinking process when I start to ask people what they would like to see.

The event would need to be in mid- May before the deadline of the module which is the 31st of the May. The current dates I am looking at are Friday 17th/Saturday 18th of May. I think this is something that I have to decided on provisionally now just so that I have something to work towards.

My initial thoughts are to have a space that has 3 rooms that I can have two A.V pieces that work together. I would like to work on my BioSymphony project and see how it can expand. I like the idea of having a room with plants, a room to do with water, and a room conceptualizing the space between. This might be a bit much  for me to work on right now but I think this would be a really interesting project to work on. Or at least I can work on the water side of things then for my major project I can work on conceptualizing the space in between. The space I am looking to do this project would be at The Old Laundry in Cardiff.

Along this project for Fieldwork For Creative Practice will be the Creativity In Context module. For this, I will using this event as my project and will be developing a project pitch in April for the event using the business strategies used in that module. i.e. value proposition modal.



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