Claudia Comte: I Have Grown Taller From Standing With Trees

At the Copenhagen Contemporary, Claudi Comte has just opened her new piece I Have Grown Taller From Standing With Trees. This exhibition is displayed in the main exhibition space at the CC and  features several 6meter tall logged and stripped Spruce Trees. Depicting a kind of forest, the ‘spruce trees are positioned along a grid of millimetric precision that directly corresponds to a digitally printed graphic carpet‘.



The carpet depicts the rooting system of the trees that look a little bit like the contour lines of an ordinance survey map. I really love this aspect of the installation. Something that has always puzzled me in the usage of the floor and ceiling in an installation. Part of my own work I think lacks in this area of thought and think that that this may be an area to research a little into


I really loved the use of space in this exhibition. She is working with mass sized objects and yet they don’t feel overly large or small (!) in the space. The use of carpet gives it all a different dimension that I find fascinating.

Over the exhibition period the logs are said to have lost 13% of their weight. I think I am going to come back before the exhibition closes at the end of August too see what their state is like. I think the only thing I didn’t really get was the sound in the exhibition. Every now and then I thought I hear distance fall trees which I thought made sense then a very automated sound bounced between speakers around the space. I thin I need to read up on more of what the sound was doing. Visually though, the exhibition was incredible!

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