Don’t Anthropomorphize – Phytomorphize!

‘To learn what else they’re capable of, we have to stop anthropomorphizing plants, said Baldwin, who is now at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, and try instead to think like them, to phytomorphize ourselves. Imagining what it’s like to be a plant, he said, will be the way to understand how and why they communicate — and make their secret lives a mystery no longer.’ (Ian Baldwin, Professor in Molecular Ecology.)



The above quote is taken from this article. It talks about the history of where plant communication ideas started to form which then became a more serious study. Baldwin and a man named, Jack Schultz, worked together on some research that they named plant communication – this was when a seeds started to send out anti-herbervore chemicals – names phenols as messages to warn off any bugs/predators.

I really like what he is saying about how we need to stop personifying a plant and become the plant itself to fully understand how they work and they are communicating.

I think from an artist perspective this could be quite hard – especially from my lack of knowledge. This isn’t because I don’t want to learn about it but because some of the things they are talking about are a bit too scientific for me to understand. I do think though that this is where the arts can come into this quite nicely as a different perspective of being a plant.



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  1. […] also been reading up on how for us to fully understand how a plant communicates we shouldn’t anthropmorphise but to phytomorphise. This has also helped me to realiee where the project should be […]

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