Philip Meeting

Notes from today’s meeting with Philip about the installation with added thoughts that are coloured in aqua blue


What is personification in this context?

How can we become less humanised to a plant – the personification

In this context I see it as giving a plant human traits. But as we discussed later on in the session is that it is really hard to get away from that. We can’t stop giving objects emotions attachments and humanistic features.

How can it show that it that is not how it works – they are actually doing something different
they are saving the earth but we just think it looks pretty/is cute.

Is there a humanisation spectrum – We talking about here that there might be a spectrum so how much we humanise things. I.e a plant because it is more ‘alive’ than pencil we don’t tend to feel sorry for a pencil.

How can the installation show that it is doing something completely different to how we perceive it – does this mean that there shouldn’t be any interaction –

or we a part of their processes
Is the word PLANT – a projection of our human ideas – how we relate to objects, give them names, give them emotions.

Speakers are a bit like Plants

Phytomorphize – is that just a flakey concept  in the sense of we don’t know how it works but if we pretended we were a plant then maybe we will know.

I understand the point Philip was making here but I think how I meant it was that I am not a scientist, ecologist, biologist and I don’t intend to be – and neither pretend that I am for this project. I am only going on what I can understand. I mean that as an artist, it is our job to provide another way or an another explanation of how plants communicate. In a really stupid way – I think I meant that it is probably easier for me to pretend I am a plant help to provide an answer to someone who doesn’t know anything about plants or communication systems through the medium or art instead of science. Using art as a different perspective on the concept.

Does the source of the sound become part of the plant- an extension –posthumanism

How can it be shown visually – what are lights doing – maybe lights that show communication stems shouldn’t be interactive?
or maybe a couple should be?

Buckminsterfullerene 6 sided shape – how can it tie it all together?

what piece of information are you missing that could tie all the ideas together?Are visuals doing anything in this? a part of you work is with visuals – but they aren’t doing anything in this. Do they need too? How can you make visuals stronger.

Deleuze came up but I can’t remember why – But then I talked about Rizhomes nad everything interconnecting. This is when I started to brainstorm quite rapidly on interconnectivity…… :

Maybe it is all about interconnectivity within the installation – if it is pre-programmed then maybe that is ok because PLANTS are working on their own networks. We only become apart of that network when we interrupt it so significantly.

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