The Adventures of Unblocked Ears – Katharina Hauke – Mikrokontrolleur


This is audio-piece by the sound artist Katharina Hauke. Her MikroKontrolleur project is an ‘all-imporvisation-instrument working with live sound input and modulatio as well as with sampling and sample destruction.’

It was developed, designed, built an programmed by Katharina Hauke and Dominik Hildebrand Marques Lopes ( at UdK Berlin and within the 3Dmin research project (



Katharina Hauke and Dominik Hilderbrand Marques Lopes designed this for the Eden Project in Cornwall for the Invisible Worlds Residency. It is strange for me to find this out because when I started listening to it I thought this is exactly the kind of thing my plants should be doing the space. I had been thinking about how the audio from the piezo microphones could be edits and realised. Although they are picking up vibrations, I think I can now start to think more about how the plants are going to sound. To me, this isn’t plant music, it is some for of communication – or atleast it could portray plants as erratic and as unpredictable as they are. Getting away from the stigmatism that they may have around them that they sound beautiful and ambient. I think some the ambient stuff should come into the overall sound but used sparingly – I suppose more used in terms of how the room sounds with the installation.

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  1. […] that is what i needed. Having been listening to a lot of Holly Herndon and have been inspired by Katharina Hauke‘s Eden Project sounds + been reading quite a lot on deep ecology and deep time things, it all […]

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