Arne Naess

Arne Naess is a Norwegian Philosopher that I keep being drawn back to but have only really started to understand his views on nature and our environments. His thoughts around Ecosophy I really get – this equilibrium in nature and beings. I think a lot of things can come from this way of thinking and think that future work of mine will some how lead back to this. I also think that Scandinavian way of thinking/writing is just so different how I’ve seen other people write. I can connect with it more I think because thinkers like Arne Naess are living in these kind of environments – rural, surrounded by nature and sustainable living. The focus for them is very different to say how we live in the UK.

A piece of text that came from this book that I felt has helped formed my thoughts into a nice way was this quote:

‘The lichens are strangely connected beings: algae intimately interrelated with fungi. A still stranger connection: algae, fungi, humans.’

For me, it has been really hard to really understand my own thoughts and to talk about my ideas so when I see sentences in books that connect to what I am thinking about it helps me to be able to put my thoughts into words.

This was a quote that I gave to Rosey as something to help me explain what it is my research process is going through.


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