Mira Calix – ‘Nothing is Set in Stone’

I have been doing some re-reading of past research I have done as well as new research for the essay that I am writing.  One of the pieces that I am writing about in essay is a piece by Mira Calix titled ‘Nothing Is Set I Stone’.

Mira Calix is big influence on me and is someone that I look up to in both as a female sound artist, electronic composer as well as a creative practitioner who has been commissioned to create public pieces of interactive sound art. Her latest piece ‘Beyond The Deepening Shadow: The Tower Rembers’ was commissioned for Novemeber 11 and the Royal Palace. She has also just released her latest record Utopia. For me it is quite difficult to see my self as a musicians and as an audio-visual artist but when I look at artists like Mira Calix I can see how it very much all one thing for them and that is ok.

The piece I’d like to focus on in this post is ‘Nothing Is Set In Stone’. This is an interactive sound piece that is integrated into the environment. Within my essay I discuss it as more of a piece of environmental art than as, say, a piece of Athropocenic art. For me it is important to be able to distinguish between the two  and think it is important for me to to b able to discuss the reasons why. .


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