(Un)Heard Evaluation


Wednesday 15th of May // (Un)Heard at SHIFT


I can’t really believe how I managed to do this and I still can really believe that there were over 100 people at the show. I have also been receiving messages over the weekend from people apologising that they didn’t make it too. ❤

There are a lot of positives to come out of the installation. First of all, I my confidence. I know that I can do something like this and that I can do it to an (almost) professional level. There is definitely still a lot to work on if I want to take this installation further.

It has also become clear to me that there is an interest in the subject matter which is amazing. I think I never really know whether the topic is interesting or whether I am just going a little bit crazy – turns out maybe both.


What I liked about the final installation

I was really pleased that the central world worked really well! It was so clear in it’s movements and I think those speakers were perfectly placed in the space to get a sense of ambisonics. I think the layout of the speakers looked impressive as well as sounded impressive. I knew it was going to be a bit of a risk where it could have not worked at all. I part of me always knew it was going to works because I couldn’t see any reason for it not to. Saying that, when I got into the space it was so much fun to be able hear things and move things and  I think if I’d had a week or so to install then there would have been a totally different outcome. I think they layout may be been the same but likely adjusted a little bit, but in terms of sound, Rosey and I came up with so many different and interesting ways to use play the words she had recorded – I think also she was starting to understand a bit more about ambisonics and that we come up with other ideas. One idea would have been to split all the her recordings in into different files instead of her exporting them as one file to be played back in the space.

  • I like the visuals but maybe they need to be worked on more
  • I liked the layout of the speakers
  • The size of the projection screen (If only there were two!)
  • I liked the collaboration aspect of the piece.
  • People had their favourite locations and sounds within the installation
  • The talk was weird but it was a good thing. I know it was good for me to talk about my work and it made me think about how I phrase what I am saying quite a lot. I’m glad I was able to answer questions and made some sense. I feel the panel were perfectly selected and that because I was able to select artists that admire and value a their opinions + being female creatives, I think I was able to talk about my work much better than usual.
  • I was really pleased with how the postcards came out
  • The digital prints were really nice but they could have been clearer that they were part of the show





What I would change about the installation/event

I would make it more interactive- more plants. If I’d had come across what you can do with lights and signals from piezo mics (using the vibrations to change lights in the space) a bit earlier then I think I might have been able to squeeze it into the installation. But saying that, the installation was already quite packed and I didn’t want to overload it with so much stuff. BUT then again, I may have been able to have made more of an effort with it. As looking at lights ended up being the last thing that was to be looked at in the last week before the install, I’m no too down that I wasn’t able to fit it in.  I think this is something for me to work on though. I think lights are a really interesting visual element to work with that I haven’t ever used before and lately I have been thinking about lights a lot as something to use in my practice. A different kind of visual element.. The lights in SHIFT worked really well with the space as they were both quit industrial – the LED stage lights and the aesthetic of the space. It is not that I would necessarily change the lights I just think it can be developed further. I did really LOVE the lights.

  • Lights changing on both sides instead of just changing from biodata from the other side
  • I would make the worlds on the outside either closer together or make them more equal or louder. There was a phasing effect between speakers which to me was especially noticeable in the 1st world.
  • Something on the floor – AJ picked up on this – but it is something that I had been thinking of with led strips and I’d like to make that interactive.
  • originally  I was going to have two visuals but only ended up having one. This meant that people started facing one way which was not my intention. The focus was on the plant.
  • The placement of computers or how they were built round. It wasn’t an ideal set up but nevertheless I think they were hidden as best as possible and I that even though it wasn’t the most professional of setup it did the trick. And I also don’t think many people noticed – probably just me?
  • Record the talk – we didn’t record the talk as I couldn’t find my dictaphone but I know for next time!
  • I personally invited a few people the installation but I wasn’t as confident enough to invited more people. Next time I will definitely make more personal invites as I think I am a lot more confident now in showing my work. I felt a bit of pressure because it was so big – tech wise and size wise – but also the first thing I have done in the public domain to that size and mainly on my own.

I didn’t really think about how reactive the plant would be which  I thought was quite strange that I hadn’t thought about that when I talk about how different plants are all the time. So it was unfortunate the the Golden Dragon Tree that was used for the installation as very docile.



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