Art Space / Kulturhuset / Jönköping, Sweden

At the weekend I went to Sweden for a Biosphere conference. I ended up visiting this art space named the Kulturhuset which is based in central Jönköping.

The space is volunteer led and has an amazing array of equipment from wood workshops to pottery rooms to music rehearsal spaces and gig spaces with the ability to record music to. The space’s multidisciplinary culture and it’s ‘let just do something’ ethos is something that I really connect with in how a space is run. There are so many more rooms that are available for artists to come and work in. The way in which it is run is that artists become members and have a yearly fee. This money goes into a pot that helps run the buildings. The building – and the Kulturhuset as an organisation, has so much history that is important to the town and to the people who work at the space. I like that the people that work there, as unpaid positions, are able to run and organise events. This events based programming is something that I really like.

I can see that an art space like this is definitely part of my sector map as a space that I should be (and hopefully will do in the future) connecting with and potentially working with.

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