Cheltenham Space Project: event ideas

Over the next month I will be approaching and putting together a monthly programme of events that I hope will engage with the creative community – arts and music. I think that once I have established all my networks with particular spaces and venues then from September/October I hope to engage students with the project to allow them to take on one of the evenings.

Some of the events I am looking to run would be:

Breakfast Mornings – coffee and chat with locals arts/get together. Biweekly event in a local coffee shop and helping to support local business.

Monthly Gig – of alternative music that you would necessarily see in Cheltenham. With this event it would be good to work with students on the Business BA. It would be great to encourage ambitions here where as a curator (promoter) a confidence to contact musicians and artist that could be seen as out of your reach.

Ambient Service – I think this will start in the winter times where the use of the FCH Chapel for ambient music and live projections could be a really interesting evening.

The Talk Exchange – for this evening I will approach Badlands Records – they have an interesting space that a community is already built around. To approach them ask if we could put on a monthly music conversation where guest musicians, locals musicians ad student musicians can bring in their music and talk about what they are up to would be a really healthy things to start happening.

Workshops or live music in the art gallery – I would like to have a conversation with The Wilson art gallery and see if they would be interested in working with me to host an evening.


I understand though that some of these events will have financial implications where a venue would need a hire fee which would then mean I would have to put entry fees on some of the events – especially the music ones. As a non-local promoter the risk then would be making sure that an audience turns up. I would ideally like for the first music gig to be free to allow for students in their freshers month to come. If it was a paid entry a fee of £3 I think would be a good amount and then to try and coincide this with induction week where new students to the university are to go and network with their course. This would also mean that working with what will now be 2nd and 3rd year students and getting in touch with them asap.

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