Last Night’s Ideas and Installation Thoughts

I have been thinking about an installation that I could produces as part of MA and in general a project that I think would be super interesting to develop as part of my Major Creative Music Practice Project.

After reading a paper titled Site-Specific Soundscape Designs for the Emergence of Sonic Architectures by Jordan Lacey, I have realised that maybe I can start to combine all my interests now. After doing research into sound and architecture at undergraduate and then moving onto looking at sound and the environment. After that I was working a lot with audio visual and learning how to work with film and editing. This past year I have been looking into plants and their relationship with sound – and with that learning how speaker systems/spatial sound and the technology I am using works. I know that now I want to look into Solar Panels and how it might be possible to create an eco-friendly installation – although probably already done before – I would ideally like to work within spatial and immersive sound. Although I have had the basic idea of what I want to do and that is look into the way in which the installation is working in terms of its electrical systems I haven’t really been able to think about what the work it’s self could be. I have thought that maybe using Solar data could be an interesting place to start – in will likely start there – but last night I realised that now I am in a position where I have enough understanding of what my practice is and what I have the ability to do that I could start to develop a project that includes all my interests. I could bring all my previous experience and learnings from older projects to develop this new project. This includes looking at sounds relationship with architecture again and looking back at my past research. I know I need to start building up a catalogue of artists for me to look at too. I think this is a positive place to start and know I need to start looking at it early or else I will get to a similar place as I did last year and no really quite know what it is I am doing and just felt awfully confused and overwhelmed by my ideas.

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