Envelop: Recording Ambisonic File

Instructions for Recording

Beneath the metering is the recording section. The E4L Master Bus can record and save multi-channel AIFF files containing the Ambisonics audio. These files can later be played back using the E4L B-Format Sampler or other Ambisonics software.

To record Ambisonics audio:

  • First, ensure that Live playback is stopped (the controls are disabled while playback is engaged)
  • Select whether 4 or 16 channels are recorded
  • Select whether recording is B-Format (Furse-Mulham channel ordering and weighting) or AmbiX (ACN channel ordering and SN3D weighting)
  • Click the Arm button to prepare for recording – a file chooser will select an output AIFF file
  • Once armed, the device will begin recording as soon as the Live transport begins playback
  • Once the Live transport is stopped, recording will stop and the file will contain Ambisonics audio

Note: only AIFF files are supported. If you choose the WAVE file format in the save file dialog, it will not be written properly. Lack of support for recording multichannel wav files is a long-standing known issue in Max.

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